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“Studying at UWC Robert Bosch College in Germany has taught me that our differences can unite us
 and make us better people of tomorrow... I know what my future will be made of because I am building it no matter where I land.”  - Charles Takougnadi, UWC Togo Scholar ‘23

A $30,000 challenge match from François Locoh-Donou, President and CEO - F5

For those that have heard Francois Locoh-Donou speak or read one of his Linked-in posts, he often talks about the lessons he learned growing up in Togo - how he leads, how he handles relationships and how he thinks about the philanthropic and social enterprises that he supports in Togo.

François and his wife, Josiane, were early donors of the UWC Togo National Committee and continue their generous support. François has said – “I see myself, and many that I went to school with, in the UWC Togo students I have met. They are hungry, passionate and smart; and eager to achieve more than was previously imagined.”

To give more Togolese students an opportunity to experience a UWC education, Francois and his wife have issued a $30,000 challenge match to the African Diaspora and other friends of Togo. Here’s how your donation could grow: A gift of $1,000, for example, will be matched by François and Josiane (for a total of $2,000) or a gift of $1,500, for example, will be matched (for a total of $3,000); up to the total amount of $30,000.

They are willing to match any donations made to the UWC National Committee between 30 June 2023 and 15 August 2023. Thank you, Francois and Josiane!

Words of a UWC Togo Scholar


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United States (tax deductible)

You can make a tax-deductible donation to UWC Togo via UWC-USA. After Selecting "A National Committee" under "What would you like your donation to support?," and write "UWC Togo" under "Purpose: Specify National Committee, Scholarships, Endowment, Facilities, etc. ".

United Kingdom (tax deductible)

You can donate to UWC Togo via UWC International and the funds and the details of your donations will be transferred to the National Committee. Please indicate that you would like to make your donation to "UWC Togo" by selecting "UWC National Committee not listed" using the drop-down menu, then write: "UWC Togo".

 France (tax deductible)

Association Les Amis de UWC Togo is an association Loi 1901 created in 2023 and managed exclusively by volunteers. You may contact for RIB and account instructions for donations.


Kindly contact if you would like to explore other tax deductible jurisdictions or other in-kind contributions.